Sunday, May 21, 2000

Sydney to Melbourne Snapshots

Mum, Dad and I formed a convoy to move the last of Tony's and my possessions down to Melbourne. We took two days to travel from Sydney to Melbourne, stopping overnight at Holbrook. I think I've said this to practically everyone - the Autumn colours in the Southern Highlands of NSW and in North Eastern Victoria were spectacular.

The "Dog on the Tucker Box" has changed a lot since I first visited it back in 1979 (I think it was 1979 on our way back from Cooma). Now the memorial sits in the middle of a fountain instead of a dirt square and there are tourist stores selling food and souvenirs.

This tree and wagon were near the "Dog on the Tucker Box". A great example of the Autumn colours.

Holbrook is named after a British World War I Commander who was awarded the Victorian Cross. This is a life-size model of the HMAS Otway as it appears above the waterline.

That's Dad and me on the deck(?)

Ettamogah is just outside Albury-Wodonga, the twin towns on the border of New South Wales and Victoria.

The Ettamogah Pub is featured in a series of cartoons. I'm not sure what came first, the cartoon or the pub, but it is a really colourful place.

Yes - there's a truck on the roof and a sign that says "Keep right mate" with an arrow that points to the left.

The side of the pub reads:

Ettamogah Beer mate ...
It tranquilises th' tonsils ...
Tickles th' throat ...
Tantilises th' taste buds ...
Pleases th' palate ...
Recharges your batteries ...
& tastes good too mate!"

... And the plane belongs to the "Ettamogah Pub Skydiving Team".

We didn't really reach Victoria until lunch on the second day, when we stopped at Wodonga. We meandered through North-Eastern Victoria and by 5:00pm we were still at Glenrowan, 2 hours away from Melbourne.

This is Yackandandah, a small historic town. This road heads towards the Victorian Alps. It reminded me of Arrowtown in New Zealand, one main street with mostly historic buildings selling lots of arts, crafts and produce.

Just after taking this photo it started to rain, and then it proceeded to continue for the next 3 days Mum and Dad were in Melbourne!

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