Saturday, June 17, 2000

Our House in Northcote Snapshots

Our house in Northcote ...

We have no lawn except that out by the sidewalk. We have true "snail mail", although I think I have evicted most of the snails from the mail box.

No garage, only that open area. It's a tight squeeze when I get in and out of the car.

From our front door you can proceed straight ahead into the lounge room, dining room and kitchen. To your left, before the lounge room, is the corridor to the front two bedrooms.

(Look very hard!) to check out the alien by the kitchen door.

Look at all the storage space in our bedroom!

We brought down our crates and our portable drawers ... and ended up having to store them - in the cupboards, under the beds, in the shed ...

The second bedroom has become our study. The window (which you can't see - it's to your left as you view the photo) overlooks the car and drive.

One vital, permanent feature in this room is the phone cable that snakes out into the hall and into our bedroom so that we can use the modem and connect to the Internet.

You'll note that we've caught the laptop in this photo in its nocturnal state : closed and asleep. This is a very rare state indeed when we're at home.

This photo is taken from the door between the hall and the lounge.

On the far wall is our gas heater (looking a bit odd thanks to JPEG). But, it does a very good job of heating this room and us (and drying clothes).

To the left past our buffet is a "turn-around" space. Left is the third bedroom, straight ahead a huge linen closet, and to the right our bathroom.

Didn't think an empty bedroom, linen closet or bathroom would be very exciting so there are no photos.

The third bedroom doesn't have tons of books - we left most of those in storage in Sydney (damn! - Tony).

And there is no alien in this photo (it was captured and taken to a nearby laboratory for investigation)

Here is another view of our lounge, taken from the kitchen door looking towards the front door. Our furniture fits in with the decor of the house really well. We have tiles throughout the house except in the bedrooms (very Mediterranean!).

Probably one of the reasons it gets so cold! But the stereo sounds great!

This photo is taken from the door between the kitchen and the lounge/dining room.

We have a window on the right, just over the kitchen sink and another that you can see, straight ahead.

The first door on the left leads into the laundry.

The second door leads out to the back yard.

In the mornings (on the odd occasion when it's sunny), most of the sun comes in through the lounge and kitchen windows.

By the kitchen door is our refrigerator.

If it's a sunny day and the time is right, you might find Astra enjoying the warmth.

At night, she's up on the dining room table right near the gas heater or preferably on someone's lap.

Mitzi spends most of her nights and weekends in her basket near the window at the back of the kitchen. On a sunny day we tend to get the afternoon sun in through this window.

The official (only! - Tony) spelling of her name is M-I-T-Z-I. I prefer an 'E' on the end but discovered that we did not use an 'E' on her original registration papers.

I tried to change it when I registered her here, but Tony said we couldn't do that since she had lived 10 years without the 'E' (and what's the point of an extra, silent, vowel - Tony).

I also tried to get Tony to touch up the photo to remove her tongue, without success.

This is the backyard - mainly concrete. The only lawn to 'mow' (read whipper-snip) is that between the garden bed and the barbecue up the back.

The garage can no longer be accessed from the street, so it was advertised as a shed/studio. And there might be herbs in the gardens (as long as Tony stops himself from whipper-snipping them too)- although, most of the plants are weeds!

We finally used the barbecue for the first time on the June long weekend - after removing the accumulated fat from what looked like a decade or more of near-continuous use.

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