Saturday, July 29, 2000

Yarra Valley Snapshots

We spent a weekend at the Yarra Valley, staying at Langbrook Farm Cottage and visiting the local wineries. On the way home, we stopped at the Healesville Sanctuary.

Langbrook Farm Cottage is a completely self-contained, brick cottage with a pool and spa right on the door step. Just a bit cold in the middle of Winter.
We had a wood fire heater. I became very proficient in starting the fire with only bark. It was Sunday, the morning we left, that I discovered the fire-starters in a bucket beside the heater.
If you wanted to, you could hole up in the cottage and not see anyone. There were books, cassettes, a CD player, TV, video ... and a billiard table. Tony spent both nights playing billiards into the night. I spent most of the time in front of the fire!
The cottage reminded me of the chalet where we stayed in Mount Cook, New Zealand - even though it was a lot bigger.

The kitchen was stocked with breakfast foods for the weekend - all part of the package.

This is the view from the kitchen window.
I think these are water tanks at the Yarra Valley Dairy. It didn't rain that day but it was cool.

At the dairy we went cheese-tasting and tried some goat's cheese for the first time.

We have to go back. The dairy has a small restaurant and on the menu is a wine and cheese platter. They match the Yarra Valley wines with the appropriate cheeses.

Yering Station includes a "new winery tourism complex". At the moment it is fairly open but eventually most of the complex will be hidden by trees.

This is the restaurant. From the restaurant you can look out towards the upper Dandenong Ranges.

This is part of the same complex. It's a horseshoe-shaped building with the restaurant on one end, this room (possibly an art gallery) on the other, and an open area in the middle. At the back there is a flight of stairs that look like an amphitheatre for performances.

It all looks a bit "over-the-top".

This was the first real test of our digital camera. The day was perfect for dramatic shots of clouds and bare branches.
Still Yering Station. The trees really attracted us more than the tourist complex.
This is the Chateau Yering Historic House Hotel - five-star accommodation. They shouldn't have a palm tree in the back garden - this is what it looks like when you come around the corner.
On the Sunday, we visited the Healesville Sanctuary. This kangaroo was just checking to see what Tony was doing.

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