Saturday, November 25, 2000

Melbourne Snapshots

This post was transferred from our old website. It shows photos of Melbourne when we lived there in 2000-2001. (Deb 2015)

Since I marked up this photo I have moved twice. I was in a building next to Rialto Towers and I am now in Bourke Street between King and Spencer Streets. I think it might be one of the two brown buildings to the right of Daimaru, in front of the domed tower block.
Tony works in Collins Street, the end known as "the Paris end".

Lots of fairy lights in the trees and really up-market stores ... the ones where you tend to window shop and not buy.

We couldn't have chosen two more distant points in the CBD.

It takes me about 20 minutes to walk up to Tony's and we tend to try and meet halfway for lunch. We've got about a 20% success rate for doing lunch together, but at least we come home together 80% of the time.

... And this is Tony's building.

If I had waited a couple of minutes he would be in the photo instead of this stranger.

This is Darebin Creek about a half hour's walk from home. Beside the creek is a park where you can exercise your dogs without a leash.

Haven't tried Mitzi without a leash, especially since there were large dogs about and she always picks fights with the big ones!

May 2000.

Before I started work I spent a day in the city gardens trying to finish off the film in the camera.

This is Fitzroy Gardens. Just as I was taking the photo, the wind blew and all the gold leaves came swirling down. Unfortunately, all they did was make the photo look a bit blurred - not exactly the effect I was after.

March 2001.

The galahs like the tree in our neighbour's garden. They tend to be in the tree around dusk each day.

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