Saturday, November 24, 2001

Our House in Burlingame Snapshots

Here is our house in Burlingame.

We live approximately 10-15 minutes from San Bruno where Tony works.

To orientate yourself, look at this map of the Bay Area.

We live at the wrong end of the block for picturesque Autumn scenes. The leaves on the trees turn brown and then fall. The leaves further down the street turn yellow and red before they fall.
And look at these trees at the end of the street!
Here is a plan of our house.

I think I have drawn it upside down - normally the front yard is at the bottom of the page, not the top. I have deleted the slide so I am not going to re-do it!

You approach our front door along a brick path.

Just on the right is a holly bush. Mum has a holly bush but the berries only appear in Winter. So, in Australia, to decorate the Xmas pudding we make artificial berries or find substitutes such as cherries. I can decorate my pudding with real holly and real berries this year!

(Note the attractive white cardboard wedged between the door and the flywire. This is the only way we can stop the cat from clawing the wire. The things we do ... - Tony)

Tony was thrilled when he discovered this on our front door.

"Halt! Who goes there? What's the password?"

The kitchen with doors leading:
  • Straight ahead to the laundry
  • Left into the dining room
The kitchen looking back towards the hall and front door.
The dining room looking towards the lounge room at the front of the house.

The walls are painted a pale pink and then "ragged" with white. On the ceiling there is a stencilled border in similar pink shades.

Mitzi is restricted to the laundry, kitchen and dining rooms. The dining room is where she sleeps.

Dogs are important members of the family in America. This was the cheapest basket I could buy. Mitzi demonstrates how soft the fur-lined edge feels under her chin and how warm and snug the polar-fleece pet blanket is.

From the dining room you can step out onto a small patio into the back yard.

It's a large, rambling, "English-country-like" garden. The pets love it!

Wonder what it would be like to sit under that apple tree on a summer's day?

More of this rambling garden.

One of Astra's spots is in the flower bed behind the white gridding, under the tree. It just catches the sun in the mornings and no-one can see her.

All the outdoor furniture, barbecue and barbecue tools were included in the rent.

On sunny days Tony and I like to eat outside and watch the squirrels. Unfortunately squirrels are very hard to photograph, especially when a certain dog and cat like to chase them.

Before our furniture arrived we had most of our meals out here.

There are some unusual plants growing in the garden.

Think this might be catnip - or is it catnap?

... and is this what dogwood looks like?
The lounge from the dining room door.
The lounge looking back towards the dining room and hall.

We have an open fireplace so guess how we are planning to spend Christmas? Mulled wine and hot pudding in front of an open fire. Maybe we'll toast some marshmallows as well?

A "before" shot.

If it was too cold to eat on the patio we were stuck with the lounge room floor.

Two jetlagged pets.

When we picked Mitzi and Astra up from the airport it was hard to believe that they had just had a 14-hour flight from Melbourne. Mitzi was running in circles ready to go for a walk and Astra meowed all the way home, just like she always does when she travels in the car.

From the entrance hall there is a door on the right that leads to the bedrooms and bathroom.

The bathroom is quite narrow - it can be hard to move around.

I've taken a picture to show the art-deco (I think) design across the top of the walls.

Our bedroom.

Unfortunately I do not have a "before" shot. We were sleeping on an air mattress and had packaging boxes for nightstands.

We basically only use one corner of the study although since this was photo was taken we now have a cable modem set up near the walk-in wardrobes.

With so much space this room is perfect for my meditation and yoga.

When you leave, make sure you don't hit the tree.

Can't say we know too many places with a tree in the middle of the driveway.

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