Sunday, May 10, 2009

A Chill In The Air

Winter looks like it is here to stay, the electric blankets and heaters were unpacked two weeks ago, and the dogs are sleeping through the night. The morning chill cuts through our bodies and it is very difficult to leave the warmth of bed (especially at 5am when I start my yoga practices). This old house of ours might be lovely and cool in Summer but it is cold, damp and draughty in Winter.

One of my favourite things to do in Winter is enjoy the morning sun from our patio. We might only have a sliver of grass, a screen of trees separating us from our front neighbours, and an overgrown garden of assorted weeds but there is something about sitting quietly outdoors while the world bustles around you. Recently we had an influx of feathered visitors—rainbow lorikeets—who come in the morning to feast on the nectar from our camellias. As a kid, rainbow lorikeets were one of the first Australian birds I learnt to identify so I have a soft spot for them and their antics.

The rainbow lorikeets may not be as cheeky as the hummingbirds that visited us in Burlingame but they are a hell of a lot noisier! It is raining today and there was a flock of them squabbling in the tree next door, probably arguing about who was getting wet and who had to move over.

When we used to leave dog food outside, we were mainly visited by the feral Indian Mynas. However, lately we've noticed the return of the native Noisy Miners, rainbow lorikeets and kookaburras. And I'm pretty sure I spotted an Eastern Rosella when we returned from our walk today.

I've always felt so lucky to be growing up and living in a part of Sydney that allowed us to experience the native wildlife. I'm lucky now that Tony and I can still experience that and be so conveniently close to the city.

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