Friday, June 12, 2009

Cold Feet

Do you think it could get any colder?

According to the the Bureau of Meteorology, it was around 6.4°C about 10 minutes ago, the apparent temperature was 5.2°, and it's been continually falling while I have been writing this blog. I can't remember a day that was so cold.

I left the house just before 7:00am to go walking with a friend and, although I was rugged up in beanie, scarf and polar fleece, I could still feel the cold seeping into my body. It didn't take us long to warm up but we cooled down pretty quickly after we finished. Mind you, chatting while standing on the corner of a major road with post peak-hour traffic whizzing by probably didn't help!

It also probably doesn't help that I have not moved all day. I've been working—on my day off—to meet a deadline so I'm currently ensconced in my study with an oscillating ceramic heater, blanket wrapped around my legs and two blocks of ice for feet. Despite all that, around my ankles I can still feel a cold breeze, which is probably issuing from the fireplace or up through the floor boards.

Even Chi and Quila are feeling the cold this year. Last year I bought some jumpers for Quila. Her terrier/chihuahua coat just does nothing to insulate against the cold. However, Chi with his double-coat seemed to be fine.

This year, they've both discovered the joys of polar fleece blankets, heaters, electric heating pads and jumpers. There seems to be a silent, doggie understanding about who gets to snuggle up on Mitzi's red polar fleece blanket. They take it in turns to either enjoy the heater in my room or sleep with Mitzi's heating pad. And they both seem quite eager to have their jumpers put on; Quila is even a little reluctant to take hers off.

Chi and Quila in their jumpers We were a little under-prepared for such a penchant for jumpers. Quila has three jumpers because, like any adventurous 4 year old, she gets them really dirty so there are at least two in the wash. (Who said we didn't have kids?) Chi has one hand-me-down from my parents' dog but, as seen in this photo, he's currently wearing one of Quila's and really stretching it! I could buy him some doggie clothes from the discount store but the current fashion seems to be human-like hoodies, denim jackets or jumpers with 'cute' or 'rapper-like' sayings or patterns like an 'S' for 'Super Dog'. Sorry, I have very conservative tastes in doggie fashion. A plain, sensible doggie jumper will do fine, thank you. Maybe I'll find something suitable in the June sales? Free Smileys

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