Friday, September 11, 2009

How Was Your Wednesday?

On Wednesday morning I heard James O'Loughlin interviewing an organiser of the ‘A Day on the Planet’ project and the idea really captured my imagination. After a particularly stressing week, it was the impetus for me to grab a dose of reality and pull myself out of a general funk.

That dose of reality involved forgetting about work and non-essential chores for the day. I spent an afternoon discussing ‘life’ with Brother, playing frisbee with my pre-school nephew, conversing with my Aunt, catching up with Tony's “newly-married” (18 months compared with our 18 years is newly-married) nephew, and being harassed for cuddles and pats by the dogs.

So, how was your Wednesday? Was it a day of extraordinary moments or extraordinary ordinariness? The organisers of the 'A Day on the Planet' project are looking for stories from people around the world about their day on the 9th September 2009. Around 500 stories will be compiled into a book for charity. Interested? You have until the 25th September to submit your story. For more details, see

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