Friday, February 7, 2014

January 2014 - The Photos

At the beginning of the year, I decided to try posting a photo a day again in January.

The exercise seemed more difficult this year—I really had to scrutinise my surroundings to find something that I did not capture last year. I managed to stick to one photo a day except on the 27th. The chimneys at the old brick pit captured my imagination and conjured up images of Dickensian times. There were the photos that didn't materialise because they were not posted or not taken:

  • Blood-red bottlebrush with ‘golden’ tips
  • The juxtaposition of a garden of roses protected by barb wire
  • Mangoes my friend and I found growing in a local garden (mangoes in Sydney!!!)
  • The rescue of a noisy miner stuck in the grating covering a drain

Some favourites:

And I love the fact that Chinese New Year fell on the last day of January. It feels like a new beginning, a chance to review and reconfirm the goals made on January 1.

Following are thumbnails of the photos I posted in January with a link to the larger photo in Flickr.

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
January 1: Fruit-filled pancakes January 2: Unexpected beauty January 3: Ringtail possum January 4: Glass and reflections January 5: Old dogs, new tricks
January 6: Small leaved lilli pilli January 7: Enjoy the little things ... January 8: Sign of the times? January 9: Memories January 10: Decisions, decisions January 11: Flowers on my morning walk - a year later January 12: Bottlebrush
January 13: Blue Monday January 14: End of an Era January 15: Why Fit In? January 16: Smile January 17: Keeping Cool January 18: Concert Hall, Sydney Opera House January 19: Those who live passionately ...
January 20: Raindrops on Roses January 21: Dark and Stormy January 22: Hello! January 23: Over the Bridge January 24: Finding the Extraordinary in the Ordinary January 25: Under Attack January 26: Pinks and Purples
January 27: Old and new
January 27: Smoke stacks
January 28: Green and gold January 29: It's a Lazy Kind of Day January 30: Cicada shells January 31: Kung hei fat choy

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