Monday, July 24, 2000

Debbie's Journal - July 2000

I really tried to be patient and wait for Tony to put up the next release, but there were too many photos to add and our hit rate has dropped. Therefore, drastic action is called for and I'm releasing another version tonight.

Actually, it is quite handy having these subjects already set up - all I need to do is fill in the blanks!


We've had a couple of mornings where the temperature is five degrees - one morning I think the temperature had dropped to 2.5 - the coldest in Melbourne for 2 years. I hate those mornings - I can't feel my fingers and then when I get in the tram I feel all the aches as they slowly thaw out. It's so difficult getting out of bed.

All the shops and trams are air-conditioned. It's a bit like England, stifling inside yet freezing outside. Just at the entrance to the big department stores you get blasted with warm air. Don't understand why - every time you leave, you get warmed up to face the cold!

Although the last couple of days have been quite warm (read 12 degrees), the wind has been really strong. Had fun tonight with my umbrella turning inside out and the rain coming down.

We're finding that the gas wall heater is good for the living room, but we need the fan heater for the smaller rooms. Astra Cat has discovered the wonders of the fan heater. Whenever, we're in the study with the fan heater, she'll go to sleep on the carpet in front of it. She's becoming more and more clingy as it gets colder.


Not a lot I can say here. We both seem to be always on the verge of a cold, but not actually catching it. Just haven't been able to shake it completely. Doesn't help when there are so many dedicated people at work who are forever spreading the germs.


Well, I've had fun this month! Over the last couple of weeks it was decided that we needed to go back and re-look at the processes I was working on. Seems that the project could be divided into three areas:

  • One area was placed on hold because work in another project might affect it
  • One area needed more investigation, and
  • The third area needed to be re-designed

So basically, we're back to where we were two months ago. I'm busy arranging meetings with business managers to find out what they do and documenting the changes required to the intranet system. Hopefully my design will be implemented soon after I have completed it, otherwise we are going to be in the same position where the design is out-of-date because the


So much for all the plans to travel. We haven't been anywhere since our anniversary because of illness, house work and the weather.

We spent the 1st and 2nd of July in the Yarra Valley (photos now available). We stayed in a cottage on a farm with a billiards table and a wood-fire heater. We had a very relaxing time - cheese tasting, wine tasting and photography.

For our anniversary I got Tony tickets to an AFL match on his birthday. Ulterior motive on my part as they're re-enacting the opening ceremony of the 1956 Olympics before the match. I've finally joined the local library, so I'm stocking up on books for the actual match. Tony tells me it's going to be at least 3 hours and I've discovered that umbrellas are banned at the MCG. Hope it doesn't rain and it's not cold!

Food and wine

I still haven't been to Yum Cha! That's almost 3 months! (News Flash ... had Yum Cha on Thursday)

However, I've discovered a shop that sells joong (sticky rice) which I can take home and warm in the microwave. Also found a lot of restaurants and cafes around work, although I'm trying to take in lunch a couple of days a week.

We're starting to frequent another restaurant in the area that has French and Caribbean cuisine. Very nice. Only problem is having to walk home on a cold night after having a lot to drink. Luckily the shopping centre is open 24 hours, 7 days.

Another restaurant in the area that is on the "to try" list is a Sri Lankan restaurant. I've only Sri Lankan once before so keen to try some more.

To come

Tony is taking time to design and prepare his pages. At this point in time, I believe he is producing the next release.

We have a number of photos from the Yarra Valley, and hopefully, by the next release I can add photos from the MCG and more from my building.

Until then, it's goodnight! (... sleep tight, make sure the bed bugs don't bite!)

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