Friday, January 18, 2002

University of California, Berkeley Campus Snapshots

This post contains photos of our trip to the Berkeley Campus of the University of California.

The most prominent structure on the Berkeley campus is Sather Tower. The design was based on Giotti's Tower in Florence, Italy, and Sather Tower is often referred to on campus as Il Campinile.

Tony was quite relieved that the architects for Sather Tower decided to install an elevator and not stairs : in Florence we climbed the stairs to get to the top of Giotto's Tower.

At the top of Sather Tower is a carillon at the top of Sather Tower and the observation level is right under the bells. You can still go up the tower if there is a carillon recital, you are just requested to not disturb the carillonist.
View across San Berkeley and San Francisco Bay towards the Golden Gate Bridge.
View of the campus.
An arty shot - the bars across the windows on the observation level arches.
The squirrels on campus are very tame. (... and bright : this one had a PhD. in Physics and spoke three languages. He still begged for food though ... - Tony)
Look Dad! They named a university building after you!

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