Sunday, August 15, 2010

A Funny Thing Happened ...

A funny thing happened at the ashram today.

I'm currently at the Satyananda ashram at Mangrove Mountain on a 3-week residential for my yoga teacher training module. Whoever said yoga was relaxing has not experienced a yoga training course like this. I have three assessments coming up this week and stress levels are moderate (at least compared to the stress levels at work). So, as usual, my sciatica is playing up.

The glute and back muscle seems quite inflamed so I'm currently doing my yoga nidra sessions laying on my side instead of my back, which is the classical position for the meditation.

We are all teaching a yoga nidra session as part of our assessment. In this case, the student teacher noticed that I was laying on my side and asked me the reason. He said he had something for me that might help.

At the next session he brings to me a Chinese linament, the good old yok jol, which like tiger balm seems to be a staple in our family's medicine cabinet.

So here I am, an Australian-born Chinese, in an Australian ashram receiving a Chinese linament from a Slovakian student with an Indian name who bought the linament in Malaysia. Who could have thought of such a thing happening?

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