Sunday, September 25, 2011

A Decent Proposal

Fortune from cookie: Accept the next proposition you hear

The problem with (or maybe intention of) fortune cookie fortunes is that the fortunes are so open to interpretation.

Friday's fortune: Accept the next proposition you hear.

Grimacing slightly, I flicked the fortune across the table to Hubby. He read it and handed it back with an inquiring look. I suggested, “Maybe the next proposition will be to quit my job and I'm suppose to say, ‘Sure! I'll just do that!’?” (Work hasn't exactly been a lot of fun lately.)

Hubby offered more practical suggestions like the dogs proposing we feed them when we arrived home.

I tossed the fortune on the plate with the open wrapper so that the waitress could clear the rubbish away. Hubby says, “Hey! You're throwing that away? Surely it's something that you could blog about?”

“Like what?” I asked. He couldn't offer any suggestions but all of a sudden it dawned on me that this was my “next proposition”.

So this post is being written in response to a fortune cookie. ;-)

I think I fulfilled the directive. Wonder what happens now?

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