Sunday, May 13, 2012

Moving House

The saga continues ...

We're currently moving from the ‘East wing’ to the ‘West wing’ leaving the flood plains of the Greater Lakes of H street behind.

So about a third of our house has been abandoned while we decide what can be done to avoid future flooding. We had two companies through to quote on carpet and still need to find time to price beds and cupboards—difficult when we are both working and do not have the flexibility to work from home.

However, Chi is happy. Our mattress protector was old and worn so I threw it near the door to the dining room thinking I would cut it up for the dogs' bedding. Chi had other ideas. After investigating he climbed into the middle and started gathering the material around him. Sitting up he looked so like a bird in a nest that we starting calling it "Chi's nest".

Chi's nest

Over the next few days we found ourselves constantly kicking the material to the side of the doorway until one night, Chi gathered all the material around him in the doorway. He is still a loner but being in the doorway meant he was in another room away from us but he could still see us and remain warm. He obviously thought it was a perfect idea!

Blocking the doorway

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