Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A Gentle Push

Do you think work is trying to tell me something?

Since returning to work I have been unable to find a role on a project that would allow me to drop to three days a week and let me work in the web accessibility field. So, after 25 years in the company I made the hard and sad decision to leave. I tendered my resignation last Thursday and, as per my original contract, gave four weeks notice.

The following day my manager advises that HR and 'upper' management have queried whether I would like to leave sooner. I'm not on a project so leaving sooner would mean a reduction in the number of people that need to be placed on a project, and I guess, a reduction in overhead costs.

This morning I try to log on to the network and have difficulties accessing it. Ringing up the help desk I discover I'm no longer in the system! It seems I have been terminated a month early.

A subtle hint, perhaps?

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