Saturday, February 9, 2013

January 2013 - The Photos

At the beginning of the month, I decided to post a photo for each day in January.

It has been an interesting exercise—I've noticed so many little details that escaped my attention before. For example, my friend and I used to pass the Indian laburnum on our walks and I never saw it. Now we always stop to admire it and we've found another tree on one of our other routes. I took the photo of the commuters' cars because I saw a number of blue cars parked together - each just a slightly different shade from the other.

Although I am no longer photographing everything around me each day I still find myself looking around. Whilst hurrying to a meeting in the city today, I saw another old electricity substation facade and it made me wonder how many of these substations still exist on the edge of our consciousness. And as I crossed over the Pyrmont Bridge at Darling Harbour in the drizzling rain, I paused to watch the mists come into the harbour and assess whether to pull out my phone to take a photo.

I hope that this newly-awakened sight and sense of discovery does not disappear with the routine of everyday life!

Following are thumbnails of the photos I posted in January with a link to the larger photo in Flickr.

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
December 31: Champagne and glasses January 1: Beading January 2: Bush turkey chick January 3: Music manuscripts January 4: Blue tongue lizard
January 4: Bonus photo - scallop entree
January 5: Chi, our old dog January 6: Christmas decorations being packed away
January 6: Old board games
January 7: Brick pavement January 8: The dog and I flaking out in the record heat January 9: Back to Japanese Therapy Yoga. Buddha at the studio. January 10: Assortment of childhood games January 11: Flowers on my morning walk January 12: Yoga mats - the yoga crew were here! January 13: Kiln and chimney stacks of old brick factory
January 14: Empty glass cut vase with single wilted bloom January 15: Cluttered desk January 16: Lightshade in food court January 17: Snapshot of Chi and Quila last week January 18: Clean (and wet) dogs January 19: Patterns
January 19: Ganesha, Remover of Obstacles
January 20: Both sides of the wall: the creek running alongside the M2 and cars on the M2
January 21: Video of Quila hunting a lizard
January 21: Soap, glasses, weighted belt on top of brick wall
January 22: Bottlebrush fruits January 23: Facade of electricity substation used for apartments January 24: I love raspberries January 25: Commuters cars parked along the road
January 25: Fortune cookies and chocolates
January 26: Side mirror on car cover with an Australian flag design
January 26: Latte art displayed on two cups of coffee
January 27: Skies at dusk over our neighbour's house
January 28: Raindrops on the windscreen January 29: Two pictures: Tree trunk growing up through sidewalk and detail of bark on tree trunk January 30: Little bit of green in the concrete jungle January 31: Commuters queueing to board the train
January 31: Crime scene? Was the teddy bear on the ground pushed by the one on the wall or did he fall?

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