Sunday, August 3, 2014

Well Aged

For those who read our posts when we were living in the United States, you might remember Tony's tale about our trip to the Napa Valley.

Tony described how we became the proud owners of a bottle of wine with which “no food ... could safely be paired, save perhaps some culinary disaster whose taste required heavy-duty masking”. It cost us US$75, which back then equated to about $150 Australian given the prevailing exchange rate.

We had always hoped to share this wine with our friend who had joined us on our trip but being a 1998 vintage, we were not sure how much longer it would cellar. So we finally opened it tonight.

Well, despite a journey to Australia, a move between two houses, and 12 years on our wine rack in not exactly ideal conditions, that bottle of red has aged well. Even I enjoyed it! I wasn't a red drinker back then and considering I've only started enjoying reds in the past year, that's something.

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