Saturday, August 2, 2014

A Photo A Day in July - The Photos

I really enjoy the challenge of trying to take a photo a day for a month but my last two months were both January: 2013 and 2014. I wanted to try a different season but couldn't wait until next year. So, I took a photo a day in July.

It's been almost 18 months since I resigned from the corporate world to focus on my yoga and so much has changed. The first half of this year has been hectic and by the end of June I was feeling tired and unfocused. These “photo-a-day” challenges help me to feel more focused.

So, difference between Summer and Winter. I'm not sure whether it is the season or just how my life has changed but I am more reclusive. It was difficult to find a subject that was not Quila, food or flowers. One day I didn't venture out at all so had to fall back on a favourite photo from Adelaide.

Other favourites?

Following are thumbnails of the photos I posted in July with a link to the larger photo in Flickr.

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
July 1: Pictures hanging in a hallway
July 1: Artwork detail
July 2: Good morning sunshine! July 3: Dreaming of warmer days July 5: What flower is that? July 6: The things you find in your neighbourhood ...
July 7: Winter Dusk July 8: Morning Sun July 9: Clashing Seasons July 10: Leaves & Berries July 11: Multitasking July 12: Serenity July 13: In a Pickle
July 14: New Way to Advertise July 15: Relaxation is Over! July 16: Lady in Red. July 17: Meditative Mood. July 18: Love. July 19: Is that a dog? July 20: Grey Day at Mangrove.
July 21: Skyscape. July 22: Tools of my trade? July 23: Mad Dog. July 24: Nightcap. July 25: A Different View. July 26: Odd Socks. July 27: Sunday.
July 28: Balloons.
July 28: Long-Lasting Flowers.
July 29: Red-Hot Pokers. July 30: Sunrise July 31: A Warm Winter Day.

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